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The following information provides an introduction to our use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) at Shuter Sunset Farms. It is an invaluable tool we helped develop for use in this area of Indiana. Global Positioning, along with other management techniques, makes it possible to know how to enrich the soil while increasing yields and profits from the farms we own and manage. 

Through the GPS system we are able to pinpoint our exact location on a specific parcel of ground. Soil samples are taken from each location to determine the different fertility characteristics of every section of each field. This information is then translated into maps showing the profile of each field. These maps are then used with computers in the field to apply the proper amount of fertilizer and seed to achieve the greatest possible yield for each field. Illustrations of these maps for an 80 acre field are presented on the following pages. 

Shuter Sunset Farms is the only operation in this area that integrates this progressive management practice totally within its own office and management system to assure high productivity of the land we operate. Our management systems were developed and are continuously updated within the Shuter Sunset Farms operation. For more information about how these systems might benefit you please call (765) 754-7370. 

The use of this system has allowed us in all cases to more efficiently use the fertilizer and seed dollars spent on each field. In many cases we have been able to reduce the fertilizer dollars depending on the soil test from the field. By using this technology to more efficiently place our inputs we reduce any potential loss from runoff caused by over application where soil test are more than adequate to obtain maximum economic yield. In all most every case we increase the yield and profit from these fields.

Beck's Hybrids

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Beck's HybridShuter Sunset Farms, Inc. has been a Beck’s Hybrids dealer for many years.  With a goal of helping local farmers select the proper seed corn and seed bean genetics and to help them purchase their seed in an efficient and timely manner, Shuter Sunset Farms is always willing to discuss your seed corn and seed bean needs.
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