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Red Poll

Dams of Distinction

HeaderShuter Sunset Farms has been raising Registered Red Poll Cattle since 1941 when Mervin and his father Leslie purchased a Red Poll  heifer for Mervin to show in 4-H.  At times over the years, we were up to as many as 100 cows.  With Mike going to Purdue in 1969, we held a couple of production sales to reduce the workload, resulting in a cowherd that has remained around 30 cows since then. 

Many of our cows have the Shuter’s prefix back for generations and generations.  Recently, we have been using bulls out of the Carl’s Swine Enterprises herd from Huntington, Jackson Farms herd from Greensfork and the Weise Farms herd in Haven, Kansas. 

We have tried to maintain a moderate framed, easy keeping cowherd that results in cattle that perform in the feedlot as well as in the show ring.  We feed out all of our steers and purchase a few calves from a neighbor to finish filling the feedlot.  These steers and heifers form the basis for our Indiana Farm Fresh Beef, freezer beef program.  We target spring calving with the herd to allow for the best utilization of our lush grass that grows in April and May.  Our calves are weaned in the fall, all but the top end of the bulls are castrated and the steers and heifers are placed directly into the feedlot.


Shuter's Fancy
Shuter's Fancy
Shuter's Fancy
2008 Reserve Grand Female at the NAILE
She is out of Shuter's Tuff Enuff and WFB Daisy PP326.
WFB Daisy
WFB Daisy PL242
242 Donor Cow purchased from Weise Farms, KS
Shuter’s Misbehavin

818 Donor Cow
Dam of Shuter’s Red Ruby and Shuter’s Covergirl
Red Ruby Cow
Shuter’s Red Ruby

417 Donor Cow
Dam of Shuter’s Leslie
Red Ruby Cow
804 Crossbred Red Poll Cow

(75% Red Poll)
Dam of Shuter’s Hank

JF Cricket
J.F. Cricket

1998 National Champion Female

Red Ruby Cow
142 Cow

Purchased from Weise Farms, KS (deceased)
Dam of Thunderstruck and Shuter’s Valentine



832 Cow
832 cow

Dam of Tuff (deceased)

603 Heifer
Purchased from Weise Farms, KS

WFJ Sunshine MR 054
WFJ Sunshine MR 054 with Daughter 703
Purchased from Weise Farms, KS. Entering the donor pen.
Embryos available by Shuter's Tuff Enuff
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Brian, Sarah, Jacob and Carly
Patrick, Sara, Michael and Corbin
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